How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals

Proposals are one of the best ways to turn leads into clients. Unfortunately, most people don’t focus on the right things and miss a big opportunity to win more projects.

This infographic shows which things you’ll want to focus on when creating a proposal to land more clients.

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Exemplos logos

Nice… infographics are popular nowadays.

How did you get access to these statistics? How did you compile them? For example how did you know the proposals that were won or those that were lost out of the 25,000 proposals analysed.

Jim Washok

Great reminders on speed, simplicity, and a focus on client needs/benefits not vendor’s capabilities.

What did you use to create the infographic with? Looks great!

Don Dalrymple

It’s great to see stats behind the reality we have personally experienced with proposals. I think online proposals remove friction in the process and make it easy for the client to take the next step.

Persuasion with effective communication is key. It focuses on the future relationship and builds trust. Thanks for the great capture.

Jason Diller

Really great job with this post. My boss thought it was great too!

You guys should send out more info like this.


Thanks everyone!

@Example logos – The proposals were marked as either won or lost since each one was associate with a status.

@Jim – I had a great designer by the name of Lorena do the design. She used Illustrator. Here’s her site:

Geoff McMahen

Thanks for the great info graphic and great product! My clients have commented on the quality of our proposals!




Thanks for sharing this with us Ruben.

I think that viewing it in an infographic form really does help one digest the figures a bit better and makes it much more memorable.

Doug Ouverson

Hi Ruben,

Graphics communicated very well; thanks for the information.

Kind regards,

P.S. I pay for BiudSketch every month but do not use, as I’m not happy with my ‘template”; I’ve spend hours trying to get it the way I like it, but can’t – argh!

It would sure be nice to see some successful examples, so that I can emulate within the context of my style, particular needs…


@Doug – Most anything you can do with HTML and CSS print style, you can do with templates. That said, it’s important to remember that just as people don’t like to write proposals, potential clients don’t want to read them. Keeping that in mind, keeping things simple, and focusing on the things that matter to them often ends up with a big payoff.

What matters to them? Their company, their growth, and their obstacles to goals they have. I’ve seen amazing results using the most simple built in template within Bidsketch, because the focus was in the right place.

Jeremy Flatt

Hey Ruben,

Great job here… I do agree with Doug however about it would be nice to have examples to look at… Even if you have a forum where members could discuss there proposals and styles… I think a knowledge base would be very appropriate in this context.

Other then that….

Love your product man! Keep it up!

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