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What does it take to become a master?

Being born a genius? Hiding away from the world and meditating for years in a mountain temple?

Not exactly, according to George Leonard’s excellent book Mastery. His book lays out a practical road map we can follow to take our businesses (or any other aspect of our lives) to the next level. Leonard himself followed this path to become a best-selling author and Aikido black belt.

No matter where you’re starting right now or which skill you’d like to improve, the path of mastery is accessible to you – and an important tool in reaching your full potential.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

A beggar, sitting with cap in hand..Do you feel you’re earning less than you deserve? If so, there’s one main reason – and it’s nothing to do with your talent. Quite often, it’s fear – of charging too much, that clients will go somewhere else, or that they’ll become annoyed if you ask for more.

Sometimes, the thought of increasing your rates does feel difficult. We’ve all been there, with at least one client who didn’t react well to being told about a rate increase. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Approached correctly, you should be able to earn what you’re worth, and ensure that your clients are happy with the situation to boot.

In this post, we’ll have a look at six key tactics you should use when you want to increase your rates – along with one vital preliminary step. Let’s get started!

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intuition Google SearchHere’s the thing about working as a freelancer, or a small-to-medium sized business owner:

You’re ultimately on the hook for all of your decisions.

And boy, do you have a host of decisions you’ll need to make in the course of a day!

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Terri ScottTerri Scott

A balled up fist, surrounded by flames drawn on a chalkboard.Many freelancers struggle with writing their resumes and talking about themselves in pitches, emails, or on social media – and don’t forget the inevitable website About page. I once had a friend who frustratingly stated, “I can write great things about other people, but I just can’t do it for myself!”

Worse still, companies are increasingly automating the process of selecting contractors by using parsers such as Sovren to search all pitches or resumes for particular keywords. If they’re not present, no human decision-maker may even get to see the fruits of your labor.

So, how do you find the right words to sell yourself, and how do you catch the eye of both computer and client in a pitch, email, or resume? Furthermore, how do you boost client interest from your website and social media platforms? The answer is to use a range of ‘power words’ – active, unique words and phrases that will give your proposals a real edge, and get your services the attention they deserve.

In this article we’re going to explore some of the key power words available to us, and demonstrate how you can use them to great effect. Let’s take a look!

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small business mistakes Google SearchIt’s the middle of the year! In the midst of all of the sunny-day fun that you’re probably enjoying in your personal life, you might also (if you’re smart) take a moment (or a day) to consider how things are going with your freelance service business, or your agency.

As you examine your progress, there will be plenty of things for you to take pride in. But inevitably, you’ll also find that you’ve made mistakes along the way.

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Terri ScottTerri Scott