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A to-do list in a notebook.A to-do list is a great way to get all your tasks laid out in front of you. If you’re a service business owner struggling to get things done, creating a list of tasks can help you visualize everything you need to accomplish. But if you want your list to actually make you more productive, you need to approach it strategically.

The problem is that a to-do list doesn’t provide you with a clear path to getting your tasks accomplished. This is where a strategic approach – such as organizing tasks by importance or scheduling them in advance – can help you get more done. These and similar techniques enable you to create a clear plan of attack that will help you move from one task to the next with relative ease.

If you’re hoping to get more done with your to-do lists, here are four key strategies you should try.

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Tom EwerTom Ewer

Employees in conflict at a meeting.All businesses experience conflict – it’s an inevitable consequence of asking individuals to work together closely. Differing personalities, goals, and approaches can lead to tension and disagreement, either among coworkers or between employees and management.

You can try to reduce the incidence of conflict in the workplace, but no one is perfect and issues will occasionally arise. That’s why it’s so important to have a strategy in place to handle conflict when it happens. A solid plan enables you to resolve the issue more quickly, which means you can get back to focusing on your business.

Every situation is unique, but there are certain techniques that are likely to be effective in almost any conflict situation. In this article we discuss six steps that make up a solid strategy; by following them, you’ll be well-equipped to manage conflict effectively.

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Tom EwerTom Ewer

Image via Unsplash.

Being self-employed is pretty great.

You can choose which projects to work on. Set your own hours. Shape your business however you want it to grow.

But, as Uncle Ben from Spiderman would say, with great power comes great responsibility. Without a boss hovering over your shoulder, it’s all on you to stay productive.

Sound familiar?

Making the most of your time is a constant struggle. But spotting the most common productivity pitfalls is the first step to avoiding them. Keep reading to find out how.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

A person celebrating success.Sometimes when we look at huge, globally successful corporations, it’s hard to imagine how they got where they are today. Most started out as small businesses that seemed to have that ‘magic touch’. But what exactly is the secret recipe behind the success of these top global companies, whose names are so familiar that we see them every day?

The secret is this: each of these global giants had a unique approach to their business – one that positioned them for success. Small businesses can study these approaches and take away key lessons to help kick-start their own growth.

Below, we’ll look at the five top global brands of 2016, analyze each company’s road to success, and identify some useful lessons you can apply in your own business. Let’s go!

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires lots of hard work and smart decisions.

You’ll get better at both of those things with plenty of practice. By grinding it out day after day, you’ll figure out how to increase your output and discipline.

But what about decision-making?

What separates a great decision-maker from a decent one?

Making decisions and learning from the consequences will help. But your skills will eventually plateau unless you learn to recognize – and account for – your natural cognitive biases.

Today’s post shows you show!

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton