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LearningIs “learning” a dirty word to you?

A lot of us had bad experiences in school. The memories from back then – and the habits we built – carry over to how we learn in our professional lives today.

Ever wish you could grasp concepts faster and retain the valuable information you learn?

Emerging scientific research is calling what educators thought they knew about learning into question. By changing your relationship to the learning process and some of the tactics you use, you can build the knowledge you need to thrive.

Keep reading to find out how.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

siblings-clipart-google-searchThere are several things that could have a positive (or negative) effect on your business, but did you know that in many cases, your birth order could also have an impact?

Let’s take a look at the theory of birth order, along with how your birth order could make a difference in how much revenue you’ll generate, how you negotiate with clients, or what type of service you’ll offer, just to name a few scenarios.

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Terri ScottTerri Scott

The slogan "If not now when?" on a vintage background.However much you enjoy being freelance, there may well come a point when you (and your work) come to a grinding halt. You’re tired, downhearted, and the old spark has just gone.

You may be wondering whether your work lull is happening because you’ve lost your appetite for it, or whether you’re feeling demotivated because the work doesn’t seem to be there. In fact, the two are really closely connected.

In this post, we’ll look at six ways to re-energize yourself and your passion for work, and hopefully find some new projects in the process. Let’s go!

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Purple BeltI still remember some of the comments we got after my wife and I signed up to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

“Is that like karate?”

“You guys are crazy.”

“Wait. People will be trying to choke you… and you’re paying to do this?”

Little did I know when we first signed up two years ago how much my life would change. Where I used to kick back after work, now I spend a few nights a week rolling around, sparring, and feeling sore for days!

It’s been a lot of fun, but challenging. One of the coolest things about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just how many of the key lessons apply to growing a business.

Keep reading to find out how!

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

BrandWhat do Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple all have in common?

Unforgettable brands.

It’s these brands, crafted carefully for decades, that help make those companies instantly recognizable in an increasingly competitive world.

You might feel you’re running your business in a completely different world than those multinational corporations. But they offer plenty of cool insights into what it takes to develop a killer brand – even if you’re just a freelancer or solopreneur working on your own.

There’s a lot of confusion on this topic, but a personal brand can serve you no matter how small your business is right now – or how big it becomes. It can grow with you, help you get customers, and build your authority as a leader in your niche.

Keep reading to find out what it takes to start building one now.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton